READ ALL- Easter EGG pull  -Must read

READ ALL- Easter EGG pull -Must read

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This is $5 per egg.  Each egg includes items OVER a $5 value, ranging from $6-7 to large prizes of $50 grab bag or a $80 fashion spray set.  THERE ARE NO BAD EGGS.  These are a few of the items in eggs.


Some items are 10g like pigments, but some are almost 2 pounds and one item is 4 pounds!!!!!!!!!  So there is no good weight to place on the eggs for shipping to be a fair amount as there are over 40 eggs over 15oz for 1 single item.)

This being said, we are putting 3oz which covers pigments and 2oz glitter for the most part. If you shipping paid if higher than it costs for instance if you win pigments only or light items we will add items and make notes that it is to cover any shipping overage.  If your shipping is short we will invoice for the difference and reach out to you.  This is not if it is .25c short, I am meaning that it was paid at $5 for first class and you have a 3 pound package which is a large difference.  I apprieate the understanding and that is why we wanted to post up front for everyone to understand.

2oz of glitter

Ghost mica

thermal or UV pigment



Fashion sprays


6 pc set clay slices

6-10 pc set of glitter shapes

Alcohol Inks

Marble paints 3 or 5 pc sets

tassles and miniture bundles

5 bags (1440) mini rhinestones 1.2mm

Rhinestone hoodie strings


Big prizes-

$50 glitter/craft bag

39k jelly stone set (2 chances in bucket)

marabu marble starter set(5 sets in bucket)

all 4 fashion tye dye spray kits-$80 value

5 pc starbucks cold color changing cups (4 sets in the bucket)

6-10 oz glitter bundles (8 chances in the bucket)

Mold bundles $20-50 value (4 chances in the bucket)