Special 3/10 grab bags!!!!

Special 3/10 grab bags!!!!

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Special Grab bags !!! 
 There are special bags that are pre made numbered and closed for shipping!  Pick 1-15 and that’s the box u get!!! 
🎉🎉🎉you have to leave a note at check out if you want a video, keep in mind, this could delay shipping a little because it will take time to shoot the videos. 

$100 each. Lowest value is $165 and highest is $300 retail value!!!!!!!!

I will post TikTok opening them to reveal and poat on FB too, that will delay the shipping of that package, but we are happy to do it.

❤️❤️❤️ I have less in normal grab bags which are double value. However these are more extreme. $100 for $300 value. That is multiple of them at or over the triple value. They are all different amounts and all kinds of fun.

❤️❤️All of these special boxes will also include a couple special spring mixes just for the box!

I premade these this morning. They are boxed up and ready to ship. However, if you want yours opened on video I am happy to do that. It will have limited talking or I will have my daughter help me.  

I truly thank everybody for all your support, and I wanted to go live so bad today but I know there’s no way that I can.  Tomorrow will be a better day!❤️❤️